Soul Ties, Nothing But A Social Construct.

Soul Ties, Nothing But A Social Construct.

Soul Tie is considered to be deeply rooted after having sexual intercourse with someone thereby establishing a connection.

Some people believe soul tie is harmful while some believe it is not harmful. However, there is no biblical evidence that soul ties exist. Therefore, it is not a biblical concept.

Husband and wife are not one soul, they are one flesh. When husband and wife come together they are one flesh, not one soul.

Why? Because when you get married to your partner what comes together to become one is your body, not your soul. In the afterlife, you will both be recognised as your individual self, not a couple or mr and mrs lagbaja.


1) Sexual Bond: sexual bond is the connection established when you engage in sexual intercourse with someone. Sex creates a bond and that’s why it should only be practiced in marriage. However, it is only a biological bond, it does not translate to a soul-ly or spiritual kind of bond. What happens during sex is your body bonds with the person you are having sex with. Do not see sex as nothing because every time you have sex with that person you are joining your body with that person. Fornication is a sin against your body and it kills your body. Every time you engage in sexual intercourse you are establishing a body bond (becoming 1 body with the person). It is not soul ties but it is equally powerful.

2) Heartbreak: this is an emotional attachment between two people in a relationship established either sexually or not sexually. It is just an emotional bond, not soul ties.

3) Past Trauma: some people mistake emotional pain suffered from a terrible experience like rape, abuse etc as a soul tie. It is not a soul tie but a trauma.

Sexual intercourse does not tie your soul to anybody. What you have done was create a body bond or emotional bond and it has nothing to do with your soul. Although it is equally powerful, it can be broken.

I must establish and assert that truly sexual intercourse does create a bond, but it is not a soul tie.

In conclusion, there is nothing like soul ties. The words ‘soul tie’ are just a social construct formed to qualify emotion in a relationship context.

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