I Love My Husband But I Don’t Like Him. What can I do?

I actually feel guilty and a little bit foolish writing this. I am blessed with a husband that is so loving, caring and amazing. We got married three years ago,

we have one kid and everything has been really good but now, I fell like I’m questioning our compatibility a lot.

Yes, when we were dating, I noticed some things that he did that I didn’t like.

He had the quite the temper and would shout at waiters when they got his order wrong at restaurants, and would throw stuff around his or my house when he’s pissed. I pointed it out to him, even stopped seeing him at some point but he begged me and told me

he would see a professional about it and assured me that it’ll never get to the point where he’d beat me.

Asides that, he was also very picky and fixated on a lot of things I did. Even worse, he compared me to his mum and exes sometimes.

One day, I surprised him with a birthday dinner, called his close friends and family to gather at his favorite Chinese restaurant. Only for my boyfriend to call me aside after, thank me and tell me that the whole thing was nice and all but next time,

I should go for a more high standard restaurant, that even his exes know he has expensive taste. Again, I told him how I felt and he apologized and promised he didn’t mean to make me feel uncomfortable.

We’re married now with a kid and nothing much has changed.

The first year into our marriage, I noticed those things again and pointed it out but I always felt like a nag so I just endured. I mean I can’t end it all because of these habits but it’s beginning to affect my mental health.

He picks on me, from my cooking and the way I talk to my performance in bed to how I train our kid. It’s almost as if I’m not good enough.
He’s a good man & a good father, he’ll buy me anything I want and spoils me silly in general but these bad habits are stressful to deal with.

What can I do?

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