A-Z Of Dating Right (What To Infuse In Your Relationship) Part 1 By Micheal Agbamoro.

Dating refers to a social activity where two people engage in romantic or intimate interactions with the aim of assessing their compatibility for a potential long-term relationship. The process involves getting to know each other, going on dates, and spending time together to explore their emotional and physical compatibility.

Under this topic we will be reviewing attributes to inculcate in your relationship and attributes to remove or avoid in your relationship.

Below are attributes to infuse in your relationship:

Agreement – there must be a level of agreement. There must be a plan clearly stating the terms and conditions or the essence of the relationship. The agreement must be established before the relationship begins.  The agreement is between God, you and the person. Without God, the agreement is not yet established. The only reason you should agree to a relationship should be an intention to get married. You don’t submit to your boyfriend, you only submit to your husband.  As a husband in a relationship, you agree with God not to do anything displeasing to God but in marriage, you love your wife as Christ loves the church.

Be Available – in a relationship you must be available. If your spouse is not available it only means the person does not love you. You are available not because you are not busy but because you make yourself available.

Attention – make sure you command his or her attention and he or she does likewise.

Assumption – don’t assume. Royals don’t assume. You should be sure you know what you are doing. Nothing like he said, she said, you should have facts and hold on to factuality.

Abuse – any form of abuse is not acceptable. Know your worth enough to check out of the relationship if you find yourself in an abusive relationship. But if you are in an abusive marriage you need to seek counselling to rescue yourself from that marriage.

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Question 1

I love him because he is my first. He asks that I should do more. Should I sacrifice my morals to satisfy him or not?


Don’t sacrifice your morals. If you want God to agree with you, do not sacrifice your morals for him. Because if you give him what he wants, he will leave you and if you don’t give him what he wants he will still leave you. If he is truly the one for you he will respect your morals. If you are in a relationship where a man or woman is pressurizing you for sex, talk it out with him or her and if he/she won’t budge then let him or her go.

Question 2

If she is not submissive during the relationship, how will I know she will be submissive in marriage?


The Bible did not say submit to your boyfriend. It says to submit to your husband. Also, if she will be submissive in marriage she will be giving you submission vibes without you commanding it.

Question 3

If you don’t spend time with someone, is that not a sign to just turn the person off?


Attention is very important in a relationship. Don’t give attention you should give to your spouse to your parents, friends, best friends or children. If you are with someone and the person is not commanding your attention or you commanding his or hers, it is a huge red flag. If you don’t have the attention it is not ideal to marry that person. Don’t do celebrity relationships – the person commands your attention but you don’t command his or her attention.

Question 4

I have a friend, we talk about almost everything. He tells me about every lady in his life and how he doesn’t want to be with them.

He ensures we talk a lot about everything. Is it safe to assume that he might be trying to know me?  Or should I just accept that we are friends and nothing can come up between us?


I can’t say nothing can come up between both of you in the future but it is obvious that nothing is going on between you at the moment. You need to break away from the assumption. Ask questions to know who you are to each other to clarify and know what you are doing rather than wasting your time. He tells you everything does not mean you are in a relationship or you are the one. Until he or she tells you so, you are the one or in a relationship.

Question 5

If a lady confesses her love but does not take advice from you, she will ask you questions or seek permission for some critical decisions yet go to another person for the same counsel and then still goes ahead to do the said thing. Then come back later to apologize because you were right


This is classic – when you are in a relationship with a lady who does not see you as someone she should look up to. She likes you but does not see you as someone who deserves her submission. It means you are not able to influence her. It could be a problem if you get married. Because she does not trust your leadership enough. The sweet spot is when she loves you enough to submit to you. If she does not love you enough to submit to you, she will eventually find leadership from someone else. Don’t marry someone that can not listen to you and someone you don’t listen to.

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