11 Red Flags That You Are Way Too Clingy

Relationships can be difficult at times, especially when dealing with someone who clings to you; clingy people can be difficult to deal with. This does not have to be a bad situation, but it causes problems for many people. Consider this: how do you know you’re far too clingy? Because your partner may not be directly telling you that you’re just too attached, you’re looking for signs to figure it out on your own. Although it is difficult to solve the mystery of your possible clinginess on your own, we will assist you along the way.

1. You’re always checking the spots they’re usually at

So, you’ve questioned them numerous times, tried being with them at all times, but it’s not working. You ask yourself “what’s the next step?” Well, the next step bring you to the edge of your clinginess and almost becomes stalker territory. You find yourself checking your partner’s go-to places in order to find out what they’re doing without you. Ask yourself this question: are you concerned about the state of your partner or are you just being nosy due to trust issues?

2. You only give time to your partner

There’s nothing wrong with spending time with your partner, but you shouldn’t be giving your partner all your free time. There should be time for your friend and family too. You’re probably neglecting alone time and not allowing yourself to regroup and gain new energy. Distribution of time is important in a relationship and the balance will create a better situation.

3. You no longer do what you want

5. When they go out without you, you get upset

In a relationship, time with each other can be just as important as time without each other; you and your partner need time away from one another. There are times when your partner wants to hang out with their own social group, as should you. However, you feel angry and worried when they leave you out of the mix. So once this happens, if you find yourself constantly checking in on your partner and questioning how everything is going, you’re reaching the grounds of being clingy. Your partner gives you time away to be able to hang out with your friends, so they’re likely expecting the same in return.

6. You’re obsessed over getting a text back

Getting a text back from your partner excites you and adds a brightness to your day that only they can bring. You look forward to receiving texts messages from them, but it’s becoming obsessive—you can reach a point where you forget about other friendships and relationships you have and that can be detrimental your overall life. It’s best to take some time to reflect on the obsession, in order to move forward with a healthier way of communicating with your partner.

7. When you don’t hear from them in a while, anxiety strikes

Your partner hasn’t texted or called you in some time and now you’re thinking the worst-case scenario has occurred. The “what if” factors are driving you into a tense-bound river of worry and your logical thinking has deserted itself away from your mind.

Logically, the person is likely fine but doesn’t want to talk to you at the moment. Your partner has things to do, which means they can’t respond to you right away every time. If they did want to respond back as soon as possible to you, they definitely would reach out to you. Just be patient and draw away from the “what if” factors.

8. You investigate with a lot of questioning

There’s a gap between wanting to know what your partner is up to and needing to know. Already picking up the hints that you’re clingy from wanting to always be included in your partner’s social circle is trouble enough, but now you need answers for everything…every little thing that occurred—you feel the need to know. It’s entitlement that you feel and it can hinder your relationship soon, the near future or further down the line.

9. You’re jealous of their attractive friends and/or coworkers

The chances that your partner works with someone very attractive is high. Also, the chances that one of their friends is attractive too, that can be high too in some cases. However, once you find yourself becoming jealous and clingy, it’s best that you sit down with your partner and talk about it. Holding resentment towards your partner’s coworkers and/or friends will have a negative effect on your relationship.

10. You always check their social media

Social media has changed the way many people handle relationships. It can be draining and at times, it can be the downfall for a relationship. Social media may not be the issue, but it can be the user. Trust issues can form when you find yourself constantly going on their social media. You could be going on their social media to see what they’re doing, who they’re talking to or to just be nosey, overall. The obsessive checking can spark clingy intentions and isn’t too healthy for the relationship.

11. You do whatever they want

The middle ground that is found in a relationship is vital to its health. Compromising is just one of many ways you can have a healthy and happy relationship. However, there is a medium and it shouldn’t be overdone just to make your partner happy. You shouldn’t have to lose your own hobbies in the process. If you find your own happiness going out the window, then maybe it’s time to talk to your partner about the middle ground that should be established.

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