Here are 4 types of single ladies men avoid

The one who thinks she’s ready but really isn’t.

If you are single with an eye towards dating and finding the man of your dreams, it may be easy to keep thinking you are quite the catch and that it’s the loss of menfolk who keep sleeping on you.
It is easy to not spot the issues that may be keeping potential partners away from you. Sometimes it could just be a refusal to admit them.

According to Angelina Borak, an American certified relationship coach, there are few habits and behavioral patterns that could make it easy for guys to quickly move over from you. Here are some of them below:

1. You pressure for perfection too early

This does not come immediately, or right off the bat. And you need to realize this. . Some connections need to be worked on to grow into the love story you desire. Projecting an unrealistic desire for ‘perfect’ on a guy too early will shoo him off even though that is not what you want.

2. You postpone things you should focus on
When it comes to dating, you want a relationship, but don’t prioritize the things you should be doing to make yourself a better person, and therefore a better potential partner.

Stop making up reasons why you can’t have what you want right now. Self-development is good, but take small steps versus using them as an excuse.

3. You let the past upstage the present
Sounds like you? Well then. It may make sense to slow down, take a break, and get back into the dating game when you’re actually ready.

4. You think you are available, but you really aren’t
We love to think we are emotionally available for the “one” at all times, but sometimes we have to be realistic about our own roadblocks. Borak describes the “reserve relationship pattern” as someone who is in a relationship, but keeps someone hovering around her as a backup plan in case plan A falls through. This type of person also still consistently communicates or sexes an ex. They also can’t stand to be alone.

If this sounds like you, the best remedy is to be alone, and get comfortable before pursuing a relationship.

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