Here are ways to have fun in your celibate relationship

Here are ways to have fun in your celibate relationship
What can you do to stay happy in a sexless relationship?

Celibacy remains a great idea for those who fancy such things (XONecole)
For people in celibate relationships, that is, relationships where nothing sexual happens, the usual question is: “if you guys are not having sex, then what do you guys do for fun?”
And it is an important question, given that sex is such an important part of romantic relationships for many people. To be in a relationship where there is no kissing, no cuddling, no touching and all the likes could legit make people cringe as it presupposes boredom and monotony and a relationship without sparks.

But if you have made the decision to be celibate, you really have nothing to worry about. Your relationship can be fun, filled with thrills and so many good times. Here are ways to:

1. Conversations
Talk about everything and anything, and do it every time in every imaginable way – phone calls, snapchat, Instagram, Twitter… everywhere.

Talk about things… find as many of them to laugh about. (Getty)

2. Send each other memes
It’s a social media world out here and one of its elements which has helped lovers laugh together is the regular exchange of hilarious memes and social media posts.

If you are yet to incorporate this humorous, intimacy-creating activity into your relationship, it’s time to do so!

A bestie of the opposite sex is not the best thing for your
Engage in as many activities as you can. (Shutterstock)

3. Attend events and concerts together
There are many events to fill your time with. Comedy shows, music concerts, food festivals… go out together, fill those dates with other activities other than food at your favourite place. Switch it up, see places together.

4. Travel
There’s so much of the world that remains unseen, unvisited and unknown. Go out there and experience it… together with the love of your life.

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